• Grattan, MI race track
  • Lime Rock, CT race track
  • Laguna Seca, CA race track
  • Sonoma, CA race track
  • VIR, VA race track
  • Cota, TX race track

Formula Junior Historics North America

What a year 2015 has been for Formula Juniors in North America!

We attended our first meeting at the VMC in the winter and made lots of friends for the Formula Junior world. They include movers and shakers from VSCCA, HMSA, CVAR, VRG, SVRA VDSCA, Pittsburg folks to Murray Smith at Lime rock, and Gill Campbell at Laguna Seca. Lots of invites for Formula Juniors to race!

We received our first sponsorship from Deutsche Bank after lots of meetings in Boston and New York. They supported us well and even came to see the action and meet Formula Junior Drivers at our National Race in Sonoma this fall.

Shortly thereafter we received sponsorship from Bonhams and we renamed our National race to “Bonhams FJHNA Cup Race” in honor of their support. Bonhams went out of their way to design and build nine cups for all the winners. These cups were hand made by craftsmen in the Philadelphia area.

Our next sponsor was Passport Transport. In addition to their generous sponsorship, they also provided us “at cost” transport from coast to coast and kept a truck and driver at the track for the duration of the race. Passport Transport is a game changer for all Formula Junior drivers for 2015 and going forward into next year and our Jubilee year!

Many thanks for all the support provided by our Sponsors!

We had a great Bonhams cup race at Sonoma Raeway. Friday night dinner with Milt Brown was wonderful and our special visitor from FJHRA, Sarah Mitrike completed the event. Lots of new friends were made across the continent and beyond!

Our 2016 racing season is very exciting, consisting of bumper nine races. There are
new drivers and new cars that plan to be join our ranks. The schedule is also very exciting, consisting of three wonderful new venues.

Our first new racing venue is at Barber Motorsports Park, Birmingham, AL in May 2016. There is a lot of interest in this race and I am sure George Barber will host us all with a grand tour of the museum.

Our next exciting new race venue includes two weekends along with a party week in Pittsburg, PA. The first weekend will be a Pitt race at the newly redesigned track and followed by the second weekend race in the streets at Schenley Park.

Our last new race venue will be the FJHNA Bonhams Cup race in the fall of 2016, held at the Road America Race Track in Plymouth, WI, with wonderful folks from VSCDA. It’s a very historic and long track, however, as always, our race time is limited to the usual 25 minutes. Get your tall gears on order now!

If you or your friend need a Formula Junior Race car please contact us. There are over a dozen cars available for the 2016 race season. We will provide information about these cars on our web site as well as in these mailings.

Can’t wait to be on the track with all the Formula Junior drivers and their families and friends!